Friday, May 20, 2011

Reducing Baby Belly Is Not Difficult At All

Though women very much wish to become pregnant and have children, some of them struggle to lose their baby belly after the birth of the child. If you are one among these mothers, the good news is that you can definitely reduce your baby belly, if not completely, to a major extent. You should know what steps you should take and follow them scrupulously to achieve the desired results.

- One of the most important steps that will help you to reduce your baby belly is do your exercises regularly. If the baby has been delivered normally, you should start your exercises regimen after four weeks after the birth of the child. If you had a C section, you must wait for six weeks for beginning your exercises. You must start your exercises slowly and increase the intensity gradually. You should consult your doctor and physical trainer for planning your exercises regimen.

- When you are breastfeeding your child, it is bound to decrease your fat because quite a lot of calories are burned due to this. It is said that about seven hundred calories are burned daily when you breastfeed your child. But, you will be advised by your elders to consume extra calories for breastfeeding your child which will more than offset the calories burned for it. When the breastfeeding gradually reduces, you will find it difficult to reduce your intake of food. You should slowly reduce the intake. The best way to reduce your intake is to first split the quantity of your three large meals into four meals. But, you should be careful that the total quantity should not exceed what you are now taking. Then, you should split the same quantity into five meals. Your ultimate aim should be to eat seven smaller meals during a day but you should never increase the overall calories. By doing so, you can slowly reduce your intake. By eating like this, you can improve your metabolism also and all the calories you eat will get burned completely.

- Your exercises regimen must consist of muscle-building exercises also. The purpose of suggesting these exercises is that if you succeed in building good muscles, they require a good amount of calories for maintaining themselves and your body will be burning calories round the clock. This will reduce your weight and baby belly. But, even these exercises should be done slowly in the initial stages and gradually increased. Professional advice should be taken if you have had a C section.

- You should avoid taking junk foods, sweets, oily and spicy foods and processed foods. They do not benefit your body but they will contribute heavily to your fat. Likewise, ice creams, cakes, pastries, food items that are made of processed and white flour must be reduced. You should eat more of fiber foods like fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and wholesome grains that not only give good nutrition to your body but at the same time, will not increase your fat also. This switch in your diet regimen will definitely help you to reduce your baby belly.

- You should have sufficient sleep during nights. Lack of sleep is said to increase your craving for food and this will again increase your fat. If you do not sleep well, your efforts to reduce your baby belly will not succeed. In the initial days after the child birth, you should sleep whenever the child sleeps because a few babies will not allow you to have a sound sleep during nights or you may have to wake up twice or thrice for breastfeeding the child.

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